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Series GJT Metal Detector

 Structural Features

Series GJT-B Metal Detector apples assembled differential transformed sensor. The circuit design employs the newest metal detective technology – digital phase shift and related detective technology. It features with stable performance, high detection sensitivity, and good capacity of resisting disturbance. The detector is widely used in thermal power generation, cement, building materials, papermaking, mining, food, chemical industry, steel and other industries. It detects various kinds of metals from raw materials. It will generate inductive signal when the materials pass through electromagnetic area. The operation is driven by the signal amplification. Therefore, the poisonous metal can be detected.  It has lots of features, which are quantified sensitivity debugging, high sensitive design to detect massive metal, and sound-light alarm etc.; the detective range includes iron, aluminum, stainless steel, alloy and so on. 

Output control: one pair of relay tip is normally open, the other pair is off.

Timing function: The relay will be delayed released after actuating; and the delay time will be 1-10 seconds. 


1.      When the amplitude of belt conveyer rack is less than 0.5mm, the detector can be directly installed on the belt rack; otherwise, it should be matched with fixed support.

2.      The input voltage is AC 220V±10V; it should be equipped with stabilized voltage supply when the input voltage above the value.

The detector may have errors when the AC and amplitude is above specified value.

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